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Pre-conference excursion – 10 May 2016
Wooden architecture and the natural heritage of north-eastern Poland (Podlasie Region)

The excursion will cover the central part of the Podlasie Lowland, NW of the Białowieża with topics such as landscape of the area, examples of historic wooden buildings: traditional village cottages, orthodox churches and wetlands of the Narew National Park. Find more in the excursion flyer.

Mid-conference excursion – 13 May 2016
The Strictly Protected Area of the Białowieża National Park

The Strictly Protected Area is the oldest and the most precious part of the Białowieża National Park. The area is covered with natural, multi-aged primeval forest with tree specimens reaching impressive height and perimeter and with large amounts of deadwood at various stages of disintegration. There is a great diversity of plant communities and forest types in this area and a great diversity of plant, animal and fungi species, many of them relicts of the primeval forests of the European lowlands. The strictly protected area can only be visited under the supervision of licensed guides in groups less than 20 persons. Only a small part is available to visitors. The excursion will be a c 7 km hike starting from the Conference Centre. Costs of the excursion to the Strictly Protected Area are included in the conference fee.